Athlete empowerment is the bedrock of PowerUp Sports

As a company, we seek to educate and inform our clients so they are prepared and empowered for success in life beyond sports; our clients’ success as elite athletes is simply a catalyst for opportunities in business and in life off the field. 

We start by building our athletes from the ground up! 

  • Build brands and connect our athletes with those brands
  • Connect athletes with community leaders
  • Negotiate the best deals for our athletes, taking into consideration the entire athlete’s needs, not simply the number achieved
  • Invest in world-class trainers & coaches strategically placed throughout the country:
    • Identify national talent starting at the high school level 
    • Train and guide our athletes during the college recruiting process
    • Use college and professional platforms as a doorway to open more life changing opportunities
    • Provide fundamental tools necessary to be successful in life after football